Make great real estate decisions, every time, ahead of time.

We are KBC Advisors

We are a privately owned, boutique real estate brokerage firm with unparalleled experience and knowledge of every major, and most other, industrial markets in North America.

We are an integrated team that operates deep within our clients’ businesses to anticipate critical decisions. Our streamlined processes allow us to vet opportunities efficiently, and our vast expertise in commercial real estate strategies gives our clients confidence.

Our team is agile and equipped to focus on your unique business needs. We do not provide template answers to important questions. Cohesive engagement from all of KBC Advisors gives you the highest level of support for each of your transactions.

We’re here to serve and help our clients make important decisions with confidence and purpose.

Our Difference


Our team works together with a focus on moving each client’s goals forward. We efficiently collaborate and share information freely across our organization, securing the best results for our clients.


We understand the primary drivers of each of our clients, as well as the precise factors of every market that influence their decisions. This helps us prioritize the important elements of any transaction and negotiate the optimal terms for our clients.


We privately represent some of the largest companies and investors in the world and integrate into their real estate strategies to ensure no real estate decisions are missed while working on their behalf to protect their anonymity.

Our Team

To get in touch, please call 206 741 1030, or connect to specific markets using the email contacts below.

Key Contacts

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